Transnational Project Meeting in Brussels, Belgium

Transnational Project Meeting in Brussels, Belgium
The first Transnational Project Meeting of "Acting Greener in Schools through Digital Narratives" took place in Brussels on the 22nd and 23rd of September 2022 at MAD Brussels, the Centre of Design. The meeting was hosted by Urban Foxes who gave everyone a warm welcome, ensured the smooth implementation of the meeting, and organized the social events.

On the first day of the meeting the project coordinators from Iceland presented the results of the survey that they had launched on teachers’ training needs. A lively exchange between the participants followed and it was found that teachers need further training in digital resources, green and climate change education, and digital storytelling. All partners from Belgium, Germany, Greece, Iceland, and Spain contributed to the conversation and gave input based on their local contexts. This fruitful discussion will set the basis for the ArtGreenStory Teachers Training Lap, a training program targeted to primary and secondary education teachers that will enable them to update their expertise in CCE, learn useful action provoking digital tools for storytelling and enhance their competences.

On the second day of the meeting the partners worked on the ActGreenStory Curriculum. The Curriculum consists of 4 different Modules (What’s the deal with Climate Change, Solution finders, Delivering the Message-Building your Narrative, and Time for Action) which include activities for students that will enable them to develop a greener changemaking attitude through digital narratives for climate change. The partners presented the activities they had designed before the meeting and exchanged feedback on the content and structure of the Modules. Towards the end of the meeting, partners discussed the AGS website material and newsletter, and the following steps of the project. 

Throughout the meeting, the participants had the chance to visit to Erasmushogeschool in Brussels, participate in a walking tour held by Urban Foxes and try the local cuisine. The next meeting will be held right after the LTTA in Zaragoza, Spain in spring 2023. We are looking forward to it!

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